My thoughts

... I think the sense of life of every human being is to discover and fulfill in the best way his own mission on the earth. People should use God-giving talents to serve others.

When I go out on the stage to share performed music with the audience, beyond a huge joy and satisfaction, I feel also big responsibility. I'm grateful for the audience’s trust and the decision to spend this time just with me and the music. I desire to share real emotions of the composer as faithfully as I can.

... All the time our world is in a hurry  and one needs really good arguments to stop it. I truly believe that the music which I perform has just such a power. It is a universal language that connects people of all races, nationalities and genders. It has no limits. The only thing one needs is to open his heart and listen.

... The mission of the art is to express deepest emotions, to move hearts and souls. When it works, it is the greatest and the biggest success for the artist. The most beautiful gift that one human can give to another one is to open his heart and share a part of himself.

... Idealist and perfectionist in life and in art. Here I am. There can't be any compromise here. There are too many pianists. The only thing that distinguishes us is the sensitivity, the feeling of the time, the beauty of the tone and ... the soul. The art lives only when it speaks through our personal experiences, reflections and emotions.

... I was not a child prodigy, but I had brilliant memory and unique ability of the concentration. I had great love and passion for the music. When we love something we can sacrifice everything for it. That’s what music is for me. Over the years, like a jealous "lover", music has been fighting for every minute of my life, sometimes trying to destroy me by its sick ambition.

... Finally, after many years, music brings me peace, joy and gratitude for the fact that among so many other things in life I can play the piano. And I will be able to do it forever.

... I'm lucky, living the life of my dreams. Not always the shortest way is the best one. I'm really grateful for my path.