"Female power" - Anna Lipiak - piano

Women and their power changed the world. And it was their works that inspired the creation of this album. In turn, the motivation was the belief in the idea of art, which should not be subject to racial, gender or ideological divisions.

The album "Female Power" is a collection of 12 piano pieces by five outstanding female composers from different periods and styles: Cécile Chaminade, Amy Beach, Clara Schumann, Maria Szymanowska and Grazyna Bacewicz.

The album includes both miniatures in the style of "salon" music - Souvenance - by Cécile Chaminade or Nocturne in B-flat major - by Maria Szymanowska, as well as large forms - poetic, imbued with immense power - Ballade in D-flat major, Op. 6 - by Amy Beach, or filled with the expression and passion – 4 movements Sonata in G minor - by Clara Schumann.

These exceptional women were able to create inspiring, valuable music in spite of discrimination, personal hardships, and social and cultural obstacles faced by talented female artists of their time. They were courageous pioneers who never hesitated to give back to the arts.

Let this be a beautiful musical journey.

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