Reviews of performances

„Great love for music and piano is expressed in every tune created by Anna Lipiak, which in connection with maturity, conscious formation of phrases, sincerity and her charming personality comprises a hypnotizing mixture that wins listeners' hearts.”

Grzegorz Niemczuk (the pianist)

„A young artist of outstanding musical individuality, her pianism is characterized with exposing lyrical elements of the performed compositions and intensified expression – values infrequently possessed by young musicians.”

Zbigniew Raubo (the pianist, professor of the Academy of Music in Katowice)
„Highly gifted, with exceptional ability of the sound quality feeling and, most of all, musical sensibility". She wins audience's hearts with her poetical musicianship and the feeling of freedom which is transmitted with every movement of hands and every smile."
„This poetic musicality and the sense of freedom, visible in every moment of this performance, the lightness of the touch, opened heart, let the artist influence people."
Joanna Kurpiel
„Anna Lipiak put the audience in the mood of optimism, carefreeness, happiness that one does not experience on a normal day. One could not resist the simplicity of beauty and harmony of the presented compositions that were heard under the artist's fingers; music deeply felt by her whole personhood/"
Editor-in-chief of NOWa Gazeta Trzebnicka
„Her playing was marked by a beautiful sound, control in pedalization and phrasing, a sense of confidence and natural poetic musicality”
Giornale di Brescia, paper (Italy)
„Undoubtedly, one of the most talented Polish pianists of her generation.”
Adam Wagner (concertmaster of Silesian Philharmonic in Katowice)
„Deep understanding of Schumann's soul by the pianist, earnestly felt music invoked mystical, spiritual feelings”
Joachim Durich Goslarsche Zeitung, (Germany)